Top Advice for Setting Up a Successful Facebook Campaign

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Top Advice for Setting Up a Successful Facebook Campaign

Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly active users. That potential reach alone makes Facebook campaigns one of the best ways to drive conversions and boost your brand recognition. But how can you ensure your campaigns are successful?

Here are a few tips to employ when setting up your next Facebook campaign.

Know Your Audience

A successful Facebook campaign is all about proper targeting. Knowing your audience means you know what they want and how you can satisfy those wants.

Before you even touch Facebook, you should develop a series of bullet-proof customer personas that represent your audience. Your content should then be tailored specifically to each persona, even if that means creating different copy or using different visuals for each one.

Your ads should also target your audience based on where they are in the conversion funnel. A message that will engage someone who’s never heard of your products will be very different to one designed for a loyal repeat customer.

Proper targeting is also a great way to save on your advertising budget.

Use Original Visuals

People on Facebook see tens if not hundreds of ads per day. Standing out from the crowd is essential to a successful campaign.

If your imagery looks similar to other ads on your audience’s timeline, it’s far less likely to garner interest. Instead of using stock images you should utilize custom visuals and designs.

Authentic, custom photography or illustration is more likely to engage your audience and catch peoples’ eye. It’s also a great way to humanize your brand.

Track Your Results

You’ve set your ad free into the wilds of Facebook, but the work doesn’t stop there. Measuring the success of your ads requires tracking the results of your campaign.

The results you measure will depend heavily on your specific goals. For instance, if your goal is to get more people signed up for your e-newsletter, then tracking the number of product sales isn’t going to be very helpful.

Whatever outcome you’re tracking, you must have the tools in place to measure it. A lot of metrics can be found in the Facebook Ads Manager itself. Any user action specific to your website can be set up as a goal in Google Analytics as well.

Make Use of Auto-Optimization

Facebook’s been in the advertising game for a long time. Making use of their auto-optimization algorithms is one of the best ways to leverage the platform’s knowledge of their users.

Targeted ads perform better than non-targeted ones, but this doesn’t mean the targeting has to be done manually on your end. Rather than whittling your audience down to 5,000 ultra-targeted users before you get Facebook involved, try giving the platform a larger pool to work with.

In most cases, Facebook’s algorithms will do a great job of delivering your ads to people likely to convert without extra input from you.

Make Your Next Facebook Campaign a Successful One

A lot of factors go into making a successful Facebook campaign. With this advice, you’ll ensure your marketing budget is well spent and your campaign goals are being met.

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