How to Use Google Adwords Like a Pro

How to Use Google Adwords Like a Pro

Need to invest in marketing for your business?

Google Adwords is a great way to generate additional customers and income, with $2 in revenue created on average for businesses for every $1 spent.

But if you don’t know how to use Adwords effectively, you might end up wasting your money.

Don’t let that happen.

We’ll help you work out how to use Google Adwords like a pro with these handy tips and tricks to get you started.

Do the Right Keyword Research

If you’re looking to set up a marketing campaign using Adwords, you need to be prepared and complete your research before you set things up.

To gain the right visitors for your business, you need to be targeting the right search keywords. Use the Keyword Planner to help plan an effective campaign that targets visitors searching for specific words that are relevant to your business.

Write Effective and Well Written Ads

With only around 100 characters to play with (30 for your headline, 80 for your description) you don’t have much space to write an ad that grabs your visitors attention.

Your ad copy needs to be effective in using the limited space you have. Grab attention with catching headlines and if you’ve got any figures to brag about, then use them!

Talk to your potential customers by using “we” and “you,” and if you run a service that targets a local area, be sure you reference it in geographically-specific ads.

Capitalize on Visitors with Impressive Landing Pages

You need to think about your landing pages.

Building specific pages for your ad visitors to land on means you can match your ads to the keywords you’re targeting more effectively.

Not only are you likely get a high score from Google for your ad quality, you’re more likely to convert your visitors into customers. Use bold headlines on your pages and a clear call to action for your customers so that when they click, they’re strongly encouraged to subscribe or buy.

Be Prepared to Optimize Your Campaign Regularly

If you’re not sure if your first attempt is working, you should be prepared to continuously optimize your campaign.

Trial a few variations of the same ad to see which works best. If you find that a particular ad is bringing in more visitors than others, you can readjust your campaign to focus on these.

Reckon your traffic is being hurt in Google search results? It could be a problem with your website performance. Take advantage of our free site audit tool and see if you need to make any changes.

Know How To Use Google Adwords Properly

Don’t waste your marketing budget on poorly targeted Google Adwords campaigns. If you don’t know how to use Google Adwords properly, you’re going to struggle to build the traffic your site needs.

Complete proper research before you start your campaign and be prepared to optimize your campaign along the way. Don’t forget to double check your written ads, too – mistakes can be costly.

Remember, there’s no point investing in Adwords if you don’t have a suitably impressive landing page to wow your visitors. If you’re looking for a brand new site that’s optimized for Google ranking, contact us today for an initial consultation to see if we can help.